This is my place to express my thoughts as an active member of the fighting game community.


Instant Double Jumping

Ok, so I’m a little annoyed after reading the constant bashing my name is receiving in the XMvSF thread of SRK, so bare with me.

Instant Double Jumping (IDJ) is a method used to get super jump properties at normal jump height, with double jump characters. In various fighting games that uses air combos, you have to super jump after the launcher to get to the opponent. Some characters can jump 2 or more times after the initial super jump causing them to increase the length of their combos, evade attacks and more importantly, Instant Double Jump. Even though this method is impractical in real gameplay, it is done by double jumping right after a super jump. Characters like Cyclops, Captain America and B.B Hood in mvc2 can attack only 3 times at normal jump height, but when you IDJ you get the full 6 hit magic series at the same normal jump height. This can bring forth new infinites, new combos and new mixups as seen in The Danger Room.

The reason I’m saying something about this now is because it exists in many games outside of mvc2 and it actually became practical in mvc3. I was able to produce new infinites for certain characters in Marvel Super Heroes and X-men vs Street Fighter. This mvc3 combo on Arthur would not be possible without using IDJ. How about on Zero or Felicia or this block-string on magneto which can be deadly with wesker as an assist.

In January 2012, I’m going to be releasing my next ComboVid. It is going to be a 4 part series of what used to be my favorite fighting game, X-Men vs Street Fighter. There will be some new stuff especially with the 3 characters that can IDJ. So head over to my channel and subscribe. EMAIL:


The man behind the Adamantium.

Who is Wolverine-Master? Where did he come from? What does he do?

The answers are simple my friends. I am a nobody that came from nowhere and I don’t do shit. Just playing around. My name is Joseph “wolverine-master” Quashie and I make combo videos.

Lets take a trip down memory lane shall we. The year is 2008, I’m 24 just getting my life together, moved to New York (from philly) and started dating a beautiful woman who ended up being my wife. It is the year that showed me that I was a gamer and thus started my road of combo making. Armed with a ps2 controller, I abused our electric bill by playing DDR whenever I got the chance. Timing those arrows are hard man. Anyways, playing this game helped me develop my coordination and execution that will soon be used in my next genre of choice, Fighting Games.

For some reason, I just wasn’t that interested in Fighting Games. Ok, ok, I admit it, I sucked. Happy now? Anyways, I always had a copies of MSH and MVC2 for the Playstation and even till this day, I can’t remember for the love of me where I got them from. I started playing mvc2 though, and just when I thought I was getting good the computer opponent (anakaris) did a super that I never saw before and wasn’t in the move list. So, onto the internet I go trying to discover this hidden move which led me to Youtube showing me how far behind in the game I was, which also led me to a place called My first thoughts of SRK was: Who the fuck names a website after an uppercut? These assholes couldn’t be a little bit more original? But lo and behold, I signed up anyway. This place was fucking awesome. They had info on EVERY game, and I do mean EVERY game. I became addicted instantly. I swallowed up every information they had about Marvel Super Heroes along with what I already knew and went to work. Practicing day and night to try to come up with stuff that they didn’t have on SRK. Now keep in mind that this is some time in May of 2008. I remember being so hyped. Telling myself that nobody could possibly beat me with the stuff I currently knew. I don’t remember why, but I went on youtube and typed Marvel Super Heroes and to my surprise, I found my calling, right there on youtube. These 2 guys (Toxy and Lezard), recorded combos, put them together like a movie, threw some music on there and called it a COMBO VIDEO.

I must have watched that shit 400 times in 5 days. My wife got sick and tired of me because I would sing the music from the video every chance I got. I was in love with fighting games knowing that I could make a video with music and put it on youtube for the world to see. And so I did. Three weeks after seeing my first Combo Video, I borrowed a camera from my mother, locked myself in my room, recorded my combos to VHS and made my own video called: Marvel Super Heroes Combo Video. Original, right? The rest is kind of History.

I did meet a few decent people who helped influence my combo ideas throughout the years and they deserve a shoutout. DJmixah, Romneto, Jason Hall and MadHatter, thank you. If you guys have questions just email me @

Thanks to all my friends and fans throughout the years that has supported me and my videos. I have come a LONG way and its all thanks to you guys. You all are fuckin AWESOME. Here’s a rundown of all my videos from first to last in that order.

Marvel Super Heroes Combo Video, The Fighters Combo Video pt.1, The Fighters Combo Video pt.2, MVC2 Combos In Slow Motion, MVC2 Combos, Fight or Die, The Danger Room, The Danger Room 2, MVC3 Team Combo Video, MVC3 Relaunch Project, XMvSF 2011, UMvC3 (lets get started), UMvC3 Leftover Combos, I AM WOLVERINE, XMvSF (the final round vol.1) coming jan. 2012.