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Instant Double Jumping

Ok, so I’m a little annoyed after reading the constant bashing my name is receiving in the XMvSF thread of SRK, so bare with me.

Instant Double Jumping (IDJ) is a method used to get super jump properties at normal jump height, with double jump characters. In various fighting games that uses air combos, you have to super jump after the launcher to get to the opponent. Some characters can jump 2 or more times after the initial super jump causing them to increase the length of their combos, evade attacks and more importantly, Instant Double Jump. Even though this method is impractical in real gameplay, it is done by double jumping right after a super jump. Characters like Cyclops, Captain America and B.B Hood in mvc2 can attack only 3 times at normal jump height, but when you IDJ you get the full 6 hit magic series at the same normal jump height. This can bring forth new infinites, new combos and new mixups as seen in The Danger Room.

The reason I’m saying something about this now is because it exists in many games outside of mvc2 and it actually became practical in mvc3. I was able to produce new infinites for certain characters in Marvel Super Heroes and X-men vs Street Fighter. This mvc3 combo on Arthur would not be possible without using IDJ. How about on Zero or Felicia or this block-string on magneto which can be deadly with wesker as an assist.

In January 2012, I’m going to be releasing my next ComboVid. It is going to be a 4 part series of what used to be my favorite fighting game, X-Men vs Street Fighter. There will be some new stuff especially with the 3 characters that can IDJ. So head over to my channel and subscribe. EMAIL:


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  1. Romneto

    Excellent explanation of Instant Double Jumping. This should be mandatory reading for anybody who is interesting in learning advanced technical combos. I always thought that more people should be aware of IDJ and exactly how it can be utilized to create exceptional combos. I like your blog and I look forward to reading more great posts from you.

    December 21, 2011 at 8:31 AM

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